Make Food Your BFF - 21 Day "Cleanse"

21 Days of Tips and Inspiration to Detox your Relationship with Food, Naturally Ignite Your Metabolism, and Love the Body You’re In!

Register below, your Cleanse will begin tomorrow!

This “Cleanse” is totally unlike other cleanses in that there is no deprivation, no dieting, and no weird concoctions to drink.

This Cleanse attends to your body, mind and soul. It’s designed to help you clear out toxic beliefs that have been hijacking your relationship with food, so that you are naturally drawn to healthy choices.

There’s nothing but self-love and nourishment, 21 days of it to be exact, which is why I initially chose Valentine’s Day for our kickoff (Now this cleanse is set to begin as soon as you register.)

And best of all, this Cleanse is SUSTAINABLE (aka no rebound or binge at the end).

iStock_000014537200SmallHere’s what you’ll get when you join me in this 21-day Cleanse:

  • A daily email with a video tip or words of inspiration you can put into practice right away
  • Mind-Body nutrition strategies to help you create the conditions to release unwanted weight or food habits without changing anything you eat
  • Daily encouragement to help you detox your relationship with food and reclaim your power to Live & Eat Fearlessly
  • An expanded capacity to nourish yourself on all levels – Body, Mind and Soul
  • Access to the private Live & Eat Fearlessly Facebook Group for ongoing inspiration, sharing and support!

And the best part – It’s all yours for only $1 a day!

(The average store-bought cleanse is $40 per day and up!)

Let’s do this together! Let’s reclaim our power to live and eat free of shoulds and shame. Let’s say no to deprivation and restriction. Let’s reconnect with our capacity to nourish ourselves fully. Let’s make eating pleasurable!

MichelleLeathImgAbout Michelle: Michelle Leath is a dynamic speaker, eating psychology coach, and the founder of Michelle is an expert in helping women detox their relationship with food and their bodies. She teaches them how to reclaim their inner authority to eat free of rules, shoulds and shame, and she shows them how to create a relationship with food and with life that truly and deeply nourishes them, on their own terms!