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5 Secret Ingredients to a Peaceful Relationship With Food

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Are you totally FED UP with all the confusion, guilt and shame around what or how you eat? Are you tired of spending so much of your precious life energy worrying about food, your body or your weight? Are you ready to be done with all this madness and finally breathe a sigh of relief around food?

Then please join me for a heart-to-heart discussion that will totally redefine your relationship to food, and help you discover your own unique path to nourishment, vitality and the ideal weight for you.

cafe lunchI’m Michelle Leath and I believe that every woman deserves to live and eat fearlessly. I show women like you how to detox their relationship with food so they no longer need to do crazy food cleanses (aka diets), and so they no longer have to come to the table feeling anxious, guilty or ashamed around eating. In fact these negative feelings have a much bigger impact on your waistline than the calories you consume, and I’ll share why that is.

I walked through 20 years of disordered eating patterns (binge eating, starvation dieting, bulimia, chronic restriction, food obsession… I just about did it all), and I’m here to tell you there is a better way than what the $70-billion weight loss and nutrition industry would have you believe.

On this free call, you’ll learn revolutionary new science and concepts around eating, weight and how these topics are closely connected to your life, which is essential to know if you want to achieve lasting peace and freedom with food.

There will be practical takeaways that you can use to empower your relationship with food immediately so that you can get more pleasure, satisfaction, calorie-burning and even nutrition from whatever you choose to eat right now. (With the holiday food gauntlet right around the corner, these tips will come in super-handy!)

And I’ll open up the lines so you can ask me anything you want about eating psychology, your own personal challenges, or just to share your thoughts about what a fearless relationship with food looks like to you.

This FREE call is ideal for any woman who has struggled with emotional overeating, stress eating, yo-yo dieting, or who feels constantly confused, anxious or guilty around their food choices, and who is hungry for a new and lasting approach to food freedom and nourishment.

Over the course of our time together, I will take you on a journey in which you’ll discover the 5 Secret Ingredients to having a peaceful relationship with food, ultimately leading you to a place of clarity around what that relationship looks like for you (not what somebody else says it should be) and relief when you realize that no matter what your food challenge – there is nothing wrong with you!

Specific points we’ll cover include:

  • 3 insidious nutritional myths that drive women to overeat
  • The surprising hidden connection between your thoughts & feelings and your body’s ability to digest, metabolize and calorie burn your food
  • Why eating with pleasure is the key to releasing unwanted eating habits
  • 3 simple, actionable steps to help you naturally ignite your metabolism at every meal
  • The secret to being able to eat whatever you want (even pizza, chocolate and french fries if you choose!)

Tuesday, November 11
5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

(A recording will be available)

I hope you’ll join me for this FREE transformational call. Your relationship with food and your body is the longest term relationship you’ll ever have. Let’s restore that to a relationship of pleasure, empowerment and freedom right now!

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