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Congratulations on taking this powerful step for yourself by deciding to join me in this virtual workshop. Please bookmark this page now so that you can easily find and return to it as needed!

Over the next 2 hours, you will come to understand the powerful connection between your mental and emotional state and your body’s ability to digest, metabolize and calorie-burn your food.  You’ll discover why having a healthy relationship with food is more about how you eat than what you eat. And you will learn how to break free of the dieting “shoulds” and find your own unique path to nourishment, health, vitality, and the ideal weight for you.

This workshop is for you if you’ve struggled with long-term weight loss, emotional or stress-induced overeating, or if you simply feel constantly confused, anxious or guilty around your food choices, and you’re ready to leave ineffective dieting and deprivation behind and create a relationship with food AND with life that deeply nourishes you!

iStock_000014537200SmallHere’s how to get the most from this workshop:

  • Set aside 2 hours of private/quiet time and treat this like a retreat for yourself!
  • Create a sacred space in which to listen to the workshop, get comfortable, remove distractions, have something to sip, light a candle, etc.
  • Print the handouts and have a journal or notebook handy
  • Relax, open your mind and heart, and prepare to explore your relationship with food in a whole new way!
  • If you have any technical difficulties downloading the materials or any questions about how to get the most from the content, PLEASE email me at!

Let’s do this together! Let’s reclaim our power to live and eat free of shoulds and shame. Let’s say no to deprivation and restriction. Let’s reconnect with our capacity to nourish ourselves fully. Let’s make eating pleasurable again!


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ILG Hard Facts of Stress
ILG Wheel of Nourishment
ILG Eating Stress Assessment
ILG What Turns You On
ILG Breakthrough Steps
ILG Nutritional Happy Ending


When you are done with the workshop, I would love to hear what you are taking away and how it impacted you. Please take a moment to complete this simple survey and let me know your thoughts!

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Love & Nourishment, Michelle

MichelleLeathImgAbout Michelle: Michelle Leath is a dynamic speaker, eating psychology coach, and the founder of Michelle is an expert in helping women detox their relationship with food and their bodies. She teaches them how to reclaim their inner authority to eat free of rules, shoulds and shame, and she shows them how to create a relationship with food and with life that truly and deeply nourishes them, on their own terms!