Live & Eat Fearlessly


Starts May 7

Imagine being able to eat what you love without guilt, without going overboard, and without fear of gaining weight…



Picture yourself… feeling satisfied, nourished, free of obsession with what you can or can’t eat, and having all the energy you need for the things that really matter to you in life. You are present and engaged with the people you love, you trust and appreciate your body, and you feel soul-fed from the inside out. You are radiant!

But right now, you feel like a crazy person around food, constantly obsessing, agonizing and second guessing yourself around every food choice. 

You’ve probably tried saving and scrimping on your calories so that you have the right to eat dinner, only to find yourself out of control with the food you encounter once you get there. You’ve tried making rules about what, when, or how much you are allowed to eat. You’ve sworn off the “bad” foods and vowed to “be good” by only eating the foods sanctioned by the latest magazine article or nutrition expert on TV. Yet time and time again this has led to broken promises and left you feeling guilty and demoralized for your apparent lack of willpower.

You’re not sure how to “have just a little bit” of something you love, because in the past that’s always led to overeating, maybe even a full-blown binge. So you’ve sat on the sidelines at social events, not feeling like you deserve to relax and enjoy what’s being served because you aren’t where you want to be with your body. And if you have indulged, you’ve had to pay for it by starving or exercising it off the next day. Or maybe you’ve just given up for a while until you mustered the energy to attempt another diet.

You’ve been on this roller coaster for far too long and you desperately want to get off, yet you’re not sure what else to do.

You’ve spent what seems like a lifetime
overstuffed with food but starving for true nourishment.

You’re hungry for something more… something that would tickle your taste buds and feed your soul. But deep down you feel embarrassed, ashamed and maybe even envious of others, because as much as you wish you could, you are afraid you just don’t have what it takes to be able to eat normally.

I know how it feels. For over 20 years, I lived in a self-imposed prison of food rules and restrictions. 

Young unhappy woman in depressionI had so much FEAR around food. I was afraid of my appetite because I believed eating food meant gaining weight (and I feared gaining weight would make me unattractive or unlovable).  I was especially afraid of certain foods like avocado or peanut butter or anything else labeled “fattening,” because I bought into the toxic nutritional belief that fat on my plate equaled fat on my body.

Every food choice felt like a choice between good and evil, and even the “good choices left me feeling guilty because I still believed food = weight. I was afraid of losing control, but paradoxically my very attempts to exert control over food were what led me to eat uncontrollably!

And I was terrified of anyone finding out about my secret food habits, so I went to great lengths to conceal them. If I ate the whole box of cereal or bag of cookies on a binge I’d go buy more so my family wouldn’t notice… but it didn’t ease the shame.

Even so called dieting success didn’t make me feel better – I felt this way at my heaviest and at my thinnest. Because then I just had to work extra hard to stay that way.

And beneath all that food fear was an even deeper fear, one that felt way too dark to look at – and that was a fear that my life was passing me by and I was literally wasting it. I always had that yearning feeling that there HAD to be something more. But at the time my relationships, career and way of life were just NOT delivering that. All my time, energy and attention went to food, and in a way that felt safer, because thought of honestly addressing any of that other stuff was way too frightening to consider! So I pushed my true hungers aside and filled them with food instead.

And the fear didn’t stop there. I was afraid there was something really wrong with me because I couldn’t fix this. I was smart, I was educated, I knew a TON about nutrition, and yet I still couldn’t seem to stay on track or stick to a plan.

All along I believed the problem WAS food. I followed a relentless quest for the “perfect diet” that I thought would be my ticket to freedom, much like Dorothy seeking out the great and powerful OZ to tell her how to get home, only to discover that behind the curtain he was nothing but a fraud. (Spoiler alert – There IS no perfect diet!)

What I didn’t realize was that all of this fear, anxiety, guilt and judgement around food and life was actually DRIVING me to overeat, AND triggering my body to gain weight at the drop of a hat. It’s no wonder I had to work so hard to try to maintain.

If I felt powerless around it’s because I WAS – but not because I was weak. I had actually given my power away to outside sources to tell me what I was or wasn’t allowed to eat!

Much like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, I actually had what I needed to get home all along. I had the best source of nutritional guidance inside of me – my own body and my true hungers – but I had been taught not to trust them.

It’s not your fault if you’ve been trying to do everything “right” when it comes to diet and exercise, and yet you are still struggling with unwanted weight or eating habits.

You see, the REAL reason most people struggle has NOTHING to do with the food. And the way through this is different than you’d expect:

  • It’s NOT about forbidding or depriving yourself of the foods you truly enjoy
  • It’s NOT about eating less (and less, and less and less) and exercising more to force your body into a certain shape
  • It’s NOT about finding or adhering to the perfect diet
  • And it’s NOT because you are weak or lack willpower

Thankfully, I was introduced to valuable and POWERFUL concepts that radically altered the way I was approaching food and my body, and they can also profoundly impact YOUR relationship with food and your body as well. In fact, they are so powerful and needed that I decided to make them my life’s work!

Once I  discovered how to work WITH my body rather than against it, reconnected with my inner nutritionist, and embraced my true hungers… THAT’s when I finally achieved freedom with food, AND a body and a life that feels amazing.  And it has worked for my clients, too.

Today I truly do eat what I want. I no longer fear food, and I know how to partner with my body so that I can eat and enjoy foods I love without guilt or retribution. And I can proudly and gratefully say that after years of bingeing, restricting, and numbing myself through life, my last several years have been the most balanced and fulfilling ever. 

Looking back, what I really wanted and needed was not another eating plan but:

  • Factual, complete information about nutrition and metabolism
  • Daily strategies and self-care practices that felt expansive and nourishing rather than constricting and limiting
  • To be able to truly enjoy things like ordering what looks delicious at a restaurant, or savoring a favorite family cookie recipe without guilt or fear of losing control
  • Inspiration to stay connected to my highest vision for my nourishment in life
  • New tools and support so I didn’t have to turn to food as a coping mechanism
  • To feel radiant, alive and nourished, and to start days feeling vibrant and empowered rather than defeated, demoralized and in “Damage Control” mode from a pattern of overeating.
I needed a radically different approach, and I’m guessing you do too.

That’s why I have created this transformative program:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.27.25 PM


I want to emphasize that this program is NOT about dieting, weight loss, restricting or body shame.

This program is designed to help you release unwanted eating habits and weight, and to rewrite your nutritional story from one of deprivation, guilt and shame to one of permission, pleasure, and soul-level nourishment.

It’s designed to help you create a transformation around your relationship with food that truly works and is sustainable for YOU.



“I’m enjoying food without guilt or judgement!”

I’ve noticed that I am thinking about food differently. I’m much more aware of what I am eating, and I am choosing to eat food that fuels me rather than just grabbing what’s quick and easy. Plus, I am allowing myself to choose foods that give me pleasure, and thoroughly enjoying them without guilt or judgement. As a result I am feel more in tune with my body and actually find myself eating less. I feel as though I have taken off a restrictive corset of guilt and ‘shoulds’, and I’m finally allowing myself to be amazing!

Yvette, Age 39

“I have so much more joy around scarfinthewindfood in my life and I feel better in my clothes!”

I have now stopped binge eating and eating in response to anxiety! Michelle helped me learn how to trust myself and my body, which allowed me to let go of the judgement around what foods are healthy or not. It has allowed me to enjoy food again, and realize what my body is truly needing in the moment. Sometimes this is chocolate, but not always ;). I can now give myself what I truly need and let go of forcing food to fill those gaps in my life. But what really surprised me was the incredible shift in my self-esteem. I am so thankful to Michelle for her sharing her wonderful gifts with me and nurturing me through this healing process!

Laura, age 35


“I’m on a great new path!”

I’m feeling more energy and staying tuned in to my body, resulting in healthier choices and a greater sense of permission and satisfaction with food. The work I did with Michelle has helped me integrate my recent cleanse and set me on a great new path. I’m also happy to report that I can now fit into 3 pairs of pants that were too small for me a year ago…and that feels really great!

Julie, age 42


“My clothes fit better and I feel lighter!”

I am no longer obsessing about food, my clothes fit better, I feel lighter, and I’m enjoying meals with ALL 5 senses, and the sensuality of the food. I could go on and on, this has really been a fun and exciting journey of re-learning for me. THANK YOU Michelle!!!

Tami, age 50

Here’s a taste of what’s possible for you through this transformative program…

  • cafe lunchYou’ll learn how to partner with your body and your metabolism so you can eat what you like fearlessly.
  • You’ll detox your relationship with food as you drop the rules around eating that have done nothing but set you up for failure, and you’ll take back your authority to choose the foods that work for you.
  • Rather than food being perceived as an enemy or a tormentor, you are experiencing it as a source of nourishment.
  • You’ll learn why pleasure is an essential ingredient to engaging your full healthy metabolism, and you’ll reclaim your permission to have pleasure with food and in life.
  • You’ll identify and gently release your self-sabotaging patterns and implement new strategies to navigate your food triggers with grace.
  • You will have new, easy-to-implement daily practices for peaceful eating, and have banished dieting & deprivation as a food control strategy.
  • You’ll come into a more peaceful, compassionate and appreciative relationship with your body, and learn ways to see yourself through new eyes.
  • You’ll be experiencing a greater sense of peace, calm and presence, and notice that your obsession with food has been replaced by a healthy appetite for life.
  • You’ll be tuning into what feeds you at a soul-level, and feeding yourself more of that on a daily basis.
  • Your body and your soul are finally breathing a sigh of relief!

Past clients have also reported:

  • 60% improvement in how satisfied they are with their relationship with food
  • 70% improvement in how empowered they feel in relation to food
  • 50% decrease in urges to overeat
  • 50% less time energy and attention going to food worries
  • 50-60% more nourished in their lives, relationships
  • 70% improvement in their relationships with themselves

Is it really possible to eat and enjoy all the foods you love without going overboard or gaining extra weight?

The answer is an unequivocal YES!

Please accept this invitation to join me in the
Live & Eat Fearlessly Essentials 8-week Group Coaching Program

This exclusive LIVE program includes:

  • 6 In-Depth LIVE lessons where Michelle will teach you how to engage your full metabolic capacity, cleanse your mind and body of hidden toxins, and personally mentor you on all the principles and practices needed to reclaim your power around food and your body, and to be overflowing with PLEASURE!
  • Downloadable Exercises/Worksheets for each module to enhance your progress and deepen your learning
  • 2 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls with Michelle, giving you the opportunity to receive breakthrough coaching, get questions answered and receive a-ha’s and insights as you listen to other group members being coached. You are free to attend one or both calls to get the extra support you need.
  • Private Live & Eat Fearlessly Facebook Group for ongoing accountability and support throughout the program
  • MP3 Recordings of all calls

But that’s not all!

Your program also includes these Bonuses:

  • Exclusive Bonus Audio Training:  What’s My Eating Style? Your Personalized Guide To Healthy, Happy Eating  
  • Exclusive Bonus Audio Training:  Redefining Emotional Eating: How To Eat to Live, Not Live To Eat   
And this super juicy special bonus ONLY for the first 10 women to enroll

  • One Private 60-minute session with Michelle that you can use any time before July 31, 2015, to discuss your own personal challenges and help you implement all that you are learning. (Only for the first 10 women to enroll!)

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Module 1: Naturally Ignite Your Metabolism For Optimal Calorie Burning & Fearless Eating

  • You’ll learn how to naturally ignite your full metabolic power for maximum calorie burning, so that you can eat what you like fearlessly
  • You’ll identify specific metabolic stressors in your life and discover simple steps you can take to release them
  • You’ll discover exactly what and when to feed your body for optimal metabolism
  • You’ll learn deprivation-free strategies to reduce cravings, overeating and weight gain

Module 2: Deprivation-Free Detox Part 1 – Releasing False Nutritional Beliefs

  • You’ll detox and cleanse your mind and body of inaccurate, limiting dietary beliefs that keep you stuck
  • You’ll learn about the 5 most common toxic nutritional beliefs that lead to food obsession, overeating, and weight gain
  • You’ll reclaim your permission to eat a wide variety of foods without guilt or shame

Module 3: Create Your Pleasure Prescription

  • You’ll learn why pleasure is ESSENTIAL to activating your full healthy metabolism
  • You’ll crack the code on your food cravings, empowering you to satisfy them with confidence while also nourishing your deeper hungers
  • You’ll develop a plan to eat and enjoy previously “forbidden” foods every day, without going overboard!
  • You’ll get clear on your non-negotiables – the things that must be in place for you to maintain empowered self care and soul-level nourishment on a day-to-day basis

Module 4: Deprivation-Free Detox Part 2 – Self Sabotage and the Possibility Bandits

  • You’ll spot hidden beliefs and ideas that lead you into self-sabotage
  • You see more clearly WHY you adopted these patterns in the first place, and learn a special process to gently release them
  • You’ll instill healthy new patterns that support your overall nourishment and pull you effortlessly in the direction of your goals

Module 5: Body Image: Learn To See Yourself Through New Eyes

  • You’ll learn how to elevate your body image and your self image so that you are more naturally drawn to choices that support your goals and leave you feeling GOOD!
  • You’ll learn a powerful way to release body shame and embrace all of who you are
  • You’ll learn simple strategies to help you feel more love and appreciation for your body

Module 6: Feed your SOUL, Baby! 

  • You’ll learn how to form a new awareness and communion with your soul-level desires and hungers
  • You’ll explore and discover what truly feeds you at a soul level
  • You’ll begin feeding yourself what you are truly hungry for and see your unwanted food habits naturally falling away as you become more and more nourished by life!

And SO much more!

This program is valued at over $1800!

But here’s the thing: I know how important it is to you to be able to transform this struggle in your life. AND I want with all my heart for you to have the peace, happiness and pleasure you DESERVE. That’s why I’ve created this group program to make these teachings and transformations as accessible as possible. I wanted to make this an opportunity for you to give this gift to yourself, and make it REALLY easy for you to step into.

Therefore, your stress-free investment for this program is only $497!


This program is currently closed.
Contact to be added to the wait list. 


What makes this program different?

This program is unlike other weight or appetite management programs, primarily for what it’s NOT:

It’s NOT about meal plans, limited food choices or cutting out foods you love

It’s NOT about counting calories, fat grams, carbs, points, pounds or inches

It’s NOT about rules. In fact, the only rule is that there are NO RULES!

It’s NOT about stressful exercise or forcing your body into a certain shape

It’s NOT about what to eat; it’s about how to eat (when you know how to eat you’ll find you can eat anything you want!)

It’s NOT even about losing weight – it’s about GAINING LIFE!


“It’s a lot more natural and a lot less work!”

This is not a program where “these are the rules.” I’m being tasked with figuring out what actually will work for me and that’s pretty cool. It’s crazy because it’s a lot more natural and actually a lot less work! Plus, not worrying so much about food or how to fix myself is making room for me to just BE myself. I’m allowing myself to be happy, and it’s a lot less stressful! It really helps to have a coach in this way who knows about this. It is personal stuff, and trying to do it on your own is not actually as supportive as being able to do it and share it.

Susan, age 36

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve been trying to do everything “right” when it comes to eating healthy, but still find yourself caving in to cravings or urges to overeat…
  • You repeatedly say to yourself, “I’ll get back on track again tomorrow” only to have tomorrow be like a horrible rendition of the movie Groundhog Day (aka right back to the binge)…
  • Your hyper-focus on food, what NOT to eat, and agonizing over every food choice is draining your energy and attention from the stuff you know you really ought to (or want to) be doing…
  • No matter how much you try or how aware you are that your eating behavior is driven by emotions or stress, you just can’t seem to reign it in…
  • You punish yourself with hard-core dieting and exercising to pay for the crime of eating…
  • Your failures with food are undermining your confidence and making you feel like you can’t trust yourself with ANYTHING…
  • You’re almost always in a bad mood or feeling physically crappy because of your eating, and it’s affecting your relationships and your ability to perform in other areas of your life, and let’s be honest, you have SHAME around that…
  •  You just want to feel relaxed, free and joyful around food and regain your confidence in your ability to nourish yourself well!

This program may not be right for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick weight loss fix
  • You are looking for someone to tell you what to eat
  • You aren’t willing to invest a few hours (on your own schedule) to yourself and your overall nourishment

Ultimately, this program is about giving you a LASTING, sustainable solution to your food and body challenges, and about giving you the tools to create a relationship with food that truly nourishes you and that is unique to you!

Plus, you’ll receive my personal guidance and support, and benefit from all the knowledge, wisdom and compassion I’ve accumulated through working with my private clients and through my own journey with food. AND you’ll have the support of other women in the program on a daily basis through our private Facebook Group, helping you stay inspired, uplifted and accountable to your goals.

nj115-477153ac-1dff-4fe0-be84-4fb8351d9043-v2One thing I want you to consider is exactly how much it’s costing you to stay stuck in old patterns. How much money, time and life energy have you wasted on the same old weight and appetite control strategies that don’t work! Because your health, happiness and purpose are on the line here. And I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I failed to bring this to your attention right now.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

If you’ve been tolerating dieting & deprivation, rules & restriction, and punishing exercise without achieving the results you want; if you’ve been carrying extra weight, unwanted cravings or eating habits; if you’ve spent countless days of your life in a state of damage control and depression… how long are you going to wait to break this cycle?

I invite you to let me help you shift into an experience of possibility, permission and pleasure, and where you feel peaceful and nourished in relationship to food, your body and your LIFE! I invite you reclaim your permission to Live and Eat FEARLESSLY!

This program is currently closed.
Contact to be added to the wait list. 


“Life is lightening up, and I am lightening up!”

Before our work together, I believed that if I wasn’t always doing something or exercising every day that I was lazy. Michelle helped me see that slowing down and taking time to nourish myself actually supports my metabolism AND gives me more peace and balance in my life. By prioritizing my wellbeing, I feel like life is lightening up, and I am lightening up! This has been a wonderful experience. I now know that I have the ability and power to make my life and my relationship with food and my body the way I want it to be.

JoAnn, Age 68

“I can finally be who I really am!”

When I first started Michelle’s program, my relationship with food was so incredibly screwed up that I was afraid to eat. It was abusive, out of control, demoralizing, and isolating. I wanted to divorce food and never see it again.”

“Food is no longer my nemesis. I enjoy food for its nourishment and 
beauty. It feeds all my senses! During the program I looked at my body for the first time in twenty years and was 
appreciative of all it’s done for me in spite of the abuse I’ve heaped 
upon it. I can finally be who I really 
am. What I’ve learned continues to impact every aspect of my life: family and friends, finances, health, work, intellectual pursuits, recreation, and even my environment. My world is now beautiful in every aspect, and it was fun!

Carrie, Age 56

Module Call Dates
Thursdays, 9 am Pacific/ 12 pm Eastern
(all calls will be recorded and MP3 downloads will be provided)

  1. May 7 – Module 1 and Kickoff Call (2 hour call)
  2. May 14 – Module 2 (1 hour)
  3. May 21 – Module 3 (1 hour)
  4. May 28 – Module 4 (1 hour)
  5. June 4 – Live Q&A Coaching Call (90 mins)
  6. June 11 – Module 5 (1 hour)
  7. June 16 – Module 6 (1 hour) (Note: this call is on a Tuesday)
  8. June 25 – Live Q&A Coaching & Celebration Call (90 mins)

When I enroll in this one-of-a-kind coaching program, I will receive:

  • 6 Live Teaching Modules (approximately 60 minutes each)
  • Downloadable Worksheets/Exercises for each module
  • 2 Live Coaching/Q&A Calls
  • Access to the secret Facebook Group for ongoing support and inspiration
  • MP3 files of all modules and coaching calls so you can listen and relisten at your convenience

Plus these special bonuses:

  • Discover Your Eating Style Bonus Training
  • Emotional Eating Bonus Training
  • One PRIVATE SESSION with Michelle to be used by July 31, 2015 (for the first 10 women to enroll)

No Risk!

I understand that the Live & Eat Fearlessly Essentials program comes with Michelle’s personal guarantee. If at the end of the program and after completing the assignments I am not 100% delighted with the information provided, I will let you know and you will refund my investment.

This program is currently closed.
Contact to be added to the wait list. 


Have questions or need some support with your decision? Email me at and I’ll be happy to set up a brief conversation with you!


About Michelle

Michelle is a coach, mentor, speaker and writer, and the founder of She is an expert in helping women detox their relationship with food and their bodies. She teaches them how to reclaim their inner authority to eat free of rules, shoulds and shame, and she shows them how to create a relationship with food and with life that truly and deeply nourishes them, on their own terms!

Michelle is certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, with specialized training in the fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition. She is graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, has a degree in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara; and has helped women to connect with their potential in various ways for over 20 years.