The Food Freedom Experience

Virtual Retreat & Workshop

An Exclusive Invitation to Transform Your Relationship With Food, Release Unwanted Weight and Habits Effortlessly, and Feel AMAZING in your Body AND your Life!

Friday June 14, 2013

What is the Food Freedom Experience? Hear it here, in a nutshell! (4.5 minutes to be exact!)


Are you longing for FREEDOM with Food?

Would you prefer to have a SUMMER of dieting and deprivation, or a SUMMER OF LOVE…

  • eating foods you love
  • loving your body more than ever
  • fully enjoying all the pleasures of the season with the people you love
Are you about to spend your precious money, time, attention and energy on ANOTHER restrictive diet or PUNISHING exercise bootcamp to FORCE your body into shape for summer — even though science has shown that with these methods you’ll REBOUND?

OR would you rather create a Big Breakthrough around Your Relationship with Food that enables you to enjoy 

  • freedom
  • pleasure
  • health and vitality
  • and the ability to NEVER DIET AGAIN?

If you’d like to experience the latter, I am SO excited to invite you into this opportunity to work with me personally to create a relationship with food and life that nourishes your body and your soul this summer season and beyond!

What is the Food Freedom Experience?

The Food Freedom Experience is a one-day, small-group retreat & workshop, in which I guide you through the step-by-step system for food freedom that I use with my Private VIP clients, who have experienced amazing results! This format allows you to enjoy the benefits of this deep, transformational work in a small group, at an investment that is much easier to step into (my private clients invest over $1000 for a VIP day like this!)

What is a Virtual Retreat?

Inspired by the concept of a “stay-cation,” a virtual retreat is a workshop led via teleconference, which you get to enjoy from the comfort and privacy of your own home. It’s a day that you devote entirely to YOU, and to creating a more liberated, nourishing relationship with food and your body. You are provided with guidance and instructions on how to create your personal retreat experience, and then you simply dial into a conference line to participate in the event, which takes place in several sessions throughout the day, interspersed with breaks for you to recharge, refuel and complete assignments.

Next available date is Friday June 14 

How Do I Know if the Food Freedom Experience is Right for Me?

This retreat is perfect for you if you are ready to end the struggle with food and your body once and for all, and to learn what it really takes to have a rockin’ metabolism and a body and a life you love!

See, you don’t have to follow a strict set of rules or restrictions, cut out all of the foods you love or struggle to find more willpower to achieve your goals. I’ll show you that you have everything you need within you to lose weight, release unwanted habits, make healthy choices and feel vibrant, confident and empowered in your body and your life.  What kind of a difference would that make for you this summer? How much energy, time and money would do you think you’d save over time?

Here’s What You’ll Learn During this Powerful Day:

  • I’ll teach you specifically how to IGNITE YOUR FULL HEALTHY METABOLISM by implementing simple changes, so that unwanted weight and eating habits start to fall away effortlessly.
  • You’ll Detox Your Mind of unfounded beliefs that actually make it harder to reach your goals.
  • I’ll help you uncover what’s really behind your unwanted habits and and take you through you my proven process to Gracefully Release Your Inner Saboteur.
  • You’ll create a Crystal Clear Vision and Body Sense of your ideal relationship with food and life, and know exactly what you need to do next so that you can eat and experience more of what you love while still losing weight.
  • You’ll leave with Personalized Action Steps and new tools and resources to help you stop obsessing about food and free yourself to Live and Eat To Your Fullest this summer and beyond
  • And you’ll do it all Without Dieting or Depriving Yourself!

Here’s what past participants have to say about the Experience…

Since the Food Freedom Experience, I’ve noticed that I am thinking about food differently. I’m much more aware of what I am eating, and I am choosing to eat food that fuels me rather than just grabbing what’s quick and easy.

My weight has been a lifelong struggle for me. Michelle gave me a whole new set of tools to use to be happier and healthier.

I feel more in tune with my body and actually find myself eating less.

I feel as though I have taken off a restrictive corset of guilt and ‘shoulds’, and I’m finally allowing myself to be amazing!

I am allowing myself to choose foods that give me pleasure, and thoroughly enjoying them without guilt or judgement. 

The biggest shift for me has been realizing that I deserve to have pleasure, and that food is not my enemy.

I’m giving myself permission to enjoy food and to enjoy life!

I am reclaiming my power am no longer weighing myself every day.

As a coach myself, I was really impressed with Michelle’s coaching skills and the organization of your material, the pre-work, and all we did on that day. It was well worth the investment of time and money!

I am looking at exercise as a way to feel healthy instead of a way to punish myself for the food I have consumed.

I am taking positive steps for myself with a new sense of confidence, courage and commitment, and fear is losing its grip on me.

My inner dialogue is shifting from self-abuse to self-love and compassion, and as a result I am more relaxed, I feel lighter, and am experiencing more gratitude than I have in a very long time!   

I am no longer obsessing about food, my clothes fit better, I feel lighter, and I’m enjoying meals with ALL 5 senses, and the sensuality of the food.

Michelle helped me see that slowing down and taking time to nourish myself actually supports my metabolism AND gives me more peace and balance in my life. 

By prioritizing my wellbeing, I feel like life is lightening up, and I am lightening up!

At the end of the day I felt empowered and relaxed, and have continued to make progress since then.

I found it all to be wonderfully surprising and it was well worth the investment of time and money!

I’m feeling more energy and staying tuned in to my body, resulting in healthier choices and a greater sense of permission and satisfaction with food. 

The day with you has helped me integrate my recent cleanse and set me on a great new path.

I can now fit into 3 pairs of pants that were too small for me a year ago…and that feels really great!

Essentially, I am bringing forward the powerful step-by-step process that has helped my private clients experience big breakthroughs, along with my personal support and guidance, and delivering it in a small group format that is accessible and fun! Plus, you get the added benefit of sharing the support and learning of other people who are dealing with the same challenges – which is a huge benefit! 

The Food Freedom Experience Includes:

  • Pre-Game Clarity Assignments for immediate breakthroughs
  • Pre-Event Instructions for how to create your retreat experience in your home
  • A one-day retreat personally led by me, walking you through the step-by-step process to transform your relationship with food. You get to enjoy this from the comfort and convenience of your own home!
  • Next Retreat is Friday, June 14
    • Retreat is held from 8:30 am-4:30 pm Pacific Time via teleconference
    • Day is laid out in several phone sessions, with breaks in between.
  • Workbook with exercises and materials designed to support you in creating rapid results
  • MP3 recordings of the day’s lessons so that you can listen over and over for even more breakthroughs.
  • PLUS, YOUR RETREAT INCLUDES THIS SPECIAL BONUS! One private 30-minute breakthrough coaching call with me after the retreat, to help you integrate and deepen the learning, get support with any challenges that are coming up, and stay in action. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get my personal coaching to help you integrate what you’ve learned. (A $150 value)
Investment =   $197

I would truly love to help you achieve the freedom, nourishment and JOY in your life that you want and deserve. It would be my honor to guide you through this transformative process and help set you up for a Summer (and a life) of freedom, nourishment and pleasure.  style=”text-align: left;”

In order to be able to give each special woman the personalized attention she deserves in this experience, space is limited to 10 participants per retreat. To take advantage of this special invitation, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose your retreat date below and click the “Buy Now” button to make your payment and secure your spot
  2. Complete your pre-game assignments (these will be emailed to you)
  3. Prepare your retreat space (instructions will be provided)!

If you need some support determining if this retreat is right for you, please allow me to personally answer your questions by phone, I’m happy to chat with you! Please email to schedule a time for us to talk.

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About Michelle: Michelle Leath is a dynamic speaker, life coach and Certified Food Psychology Coach. She shows women how to release unwanted weight and eating habits, break free of dieting & and deprivation, and build a relationship with food and their bodies that truly nourishes and supports them in creating a life of possibility, pleasure and purpose.