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5 Keys To Unlock Your Peaceful Relationship With Food

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Are you ready to detox your relationship with food and reclaim YOUR permission to Live & Eat Fearlessly?

In this audio lesson, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 biggest nutritional myths that drive women to overeat
  • The real truth (you’re not hearing) about metabolism, cravings and weight loss
  • Why eating with pleasure is the key to releasing unwanted eating habits
  • The secret to being able to eat whatever you want (even pizza, chocolate and french fries if you choose!)
  • 3 simple, actionable steps to help you naturally ignite your metabolism, release overeating habits, and get more nutrition and satisfaction from whatever you choose to eat.

On this call I’ll show you that you CAN trust your appetite, in fact your appetite is extremely wise. And I’ll show you how to rebuild that trust, one step at a time, so that you can enjoy PEACE and FREEDOM with food and feel at home in your body – at last. 

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Live & Eat Fearlessly! 

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5 Keys to Unlock Your Peaceful Relationship with Food 

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MichelleLeathImgAbout Michelle: Michelle Leath is a dynamic speaker, certified eating psychology coach, and the founder of Michelle is an expert in helping women detox their relationship with food and their bodies. She teaches them how to reclaim their inner authority to eat free of rules, shoulds and shame, and she shows them how to create a relationship with food and with life that truly and deeply nourishes them, on their own terms!