Mission Permission!

3-Month Private Platinum Coaching Program

Exclusive Invitation for the Members of Your Season to Break Free

I am SO excited to invite you into this opportunity to work with me personally to create a relationship with food and life that nourishes your body and your soul! I created this program to help you unlock your possibilities, generate the permission to become all of who you were meant to be, and create a life that gives you pleasure on multiple levels! Based on the step-by-step path I took to create these results in my own life, our work together is laid out in three distinct phases, each with a specific purpose.
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Kickoff: Creating the Vision Private VIP Day
We’ll begin our work together by picking up where we left off in the Your Season to Break Free Program, where we get really clear on where you are now, what it is you truly want and what it will take to get there. We will set expectations to ensure your success, and identify goals and outcomes for our time together. We also implement some new steps to give you immediate forward momentum, including:

  • Using my special process, I’ll help you uncover what’s really behind your unwanted habits and self-sabotaging patterns, and show you a way to transform them and release them once and for all.
  • I’ll help you create a crystal clear vision of your ideal relationship with food and life, and what you are moving toward so that you can begin to step into that without the struggle.
  • You’ll leave with personalized action steps and new tools and resources you can use to cut through the all the old “stuff” that has been keeping you stuck.
  • And you’ll do it all without dieting or depriving yourself!

Step 1: Uncovering the Truth

In this phase we will reconnect to the truth of who you really are. We will identify and reconstruct the false and limiting beliefs (Possibility Bandits) that have been holding you back in your life. You will begin to see yourself in a new light – one that illuminates all of your beauty and strength. You’ll move the possibility bandits aside, instill new empowering beliefs, and create a new self-definition that guides your choices, beliefs and actions moving forward. Talk about empowerment – the truth really WILL set you free!

Step 2: Claiming Your Heart’s Desire

In this phase we will tap into your true desires, and help you generate the permission to go after and receive them. Many women can become so disconnected from their desires that they don’t even know WHAT they want! Here you will learn how to access what is really true for you, and you will learn how to release the “shoulds” so you can say Yes to what’s truly in your heart!

Step 3: Making Fear Your Bitch!

One of the most important skills you can develop is the ability to move through fear. As you begin making powerful changes in your life, and as you start to step into a new way of being in the world, it is inevitable that fear and resistance are going to show up. In this phase you will learn to distinguish between fear and intuition, you’ll strengthen your ability to make the choices that are in alignment with your true authentic self, and you will learn new ways to understand and navigate your fears, rather than letting them navigate YOU!

I created this program to help you achieve specific results in your life. Here’s what gets to happen for you when you show up powerfully in this Platinum experience, do the work required, and invest yourself fully in our time together:

  • Truly becoming friends with food
  • Finding peace with your body, loving what you see in the mirror
  • Achieving your body’s ideal weight naturally and effortlessly
  • Making healthier food choices out of DESIRE, not RULES
  • Choosing to exercise because it makes you feel healthy and alive
  • Freedom from obsessive thoughts or habits around food or your body
  • Trying new things that you previously were afraid to try
  • No longer feeling like a victim
  • Letting go of situations and people in your life that drain your energy
  • Improvement in your existing relationships, and attracting healthier new relationships
  • Speaking your mind freely, communicating with ease and grace
  • Experiencing more pleasure, relaxation and fun in your life
  • Having a deeper understanding of who you really are and what your purpose is
  • Understanding the difference between intuition and fear, and learning to trust your intuition
  • Feeling more confident, beautiful, and powerful
  • Feeling more fulfilled, happy, and LIGHTER (emotionally, psychologically and physically!)
  • Saving $$$ on all the old “Void fillers”
  • Healing from past hurts and moving forward in your life
  • Believing in yourself
  • Feeling more balanced physically and emotionally
  • Handling difficult emotions in a healthy way
  • Feeling spiritually connected, guided and supported
  • Side benefits often include relief from physical ailments, better sleep, more energy, and even more income potential!

Imagine what it would be like to have a relationship with food, your body and your life that truly nourishes you. Imagine having the confidence to relax and choose food and exercise that gives YOU pleasure. Imagine how good it would feel to have that internal freedom, to feel good in your body, and to be free of all the struggle. Imagine what it would be like to be living your life fully expressed as your true, authentic self, and seeing your dreams come true. I created this program because I believe with all my heart that you CAN have this, and that you DESERVE NOTHING LESS.

Your 90-Day Private Platinum Program Includes:

  • Private Virtual VIP Day Retreat with Michelle (4.5 Hours)
  • 3 Monthly “Keys to Freedom” Teaching Calls (60-75 minutes), with Corresponding Monthly Discovery Assignments/Exercises
  • 6 Monthly Private Coaching calls (2 private 40-minute sessions per month)
  • Priority email access to Michelle (M-F)


  • MP3 Recordings of all calls
  • Weekly accountability journal
  • Copies of all of Michelle’s published content, articles, teleseminars, etc.
  • Surprise gifts and treats throughout the program (goodies, books, etc.) It is VIP Status After All!


The normal investment for this program is $1997

But because I want to honor the work that you have done and make it as easy as possible for you to continue your journey to FREEDOM, I am making you an exclusive offer – JUST for the members of Your Season to Break Free!

If you decide to say YES to this opportunity by Friday, January 11, I would like to offer you a savings of $500!

Therefore your investment will be only $1497

To take advantage of this special invitation, simply let me know via email by Friday, January 11 (michelle@unlockyourpossibility.com). Or, if you need some support determining if this is right for you, please allow me to personally answer your questions by phone, I’m happy to chat with you!

I would truly love to continue our journey together and help you achieve the freedom, nourishment and JOY in your life that you want and deserve. Knowing how much you’ve grown in just a few short weeks of working together, imagine all you can accomplish and what will be possible for you after 3 months of this powerful and totally personalized program. It would be my honor to support you!