Break Free From Seasonal Overeating

How to Survive and Thrive This Holiday Season

(and LOVE what you see in the mirror in January!)


  • Do you struggle with holiday overeating or weight gain year after year?
  • Have you been working hard on your health & fitness goals, but are dreading the holidays because you just know it is going to set you back?
  • Do you find that the added temptation and stress of the season triggers your unwanted patterns such as binge or emotional eating?
  • Do you beat yourself up for not being “good,” and fall into the cycle of overindulging and restricting?
  • Do you punish yourself with hard-core dieting and exercising in January?
  • Does your own self-care come dead last on the holiday priority list?
If so, you’re not alone. Most of us find the holiday season to be stressful (time, finances, etc.), as well as emotionally-charged. And if eating is your way of coping, it’s doing double duty this time of year. In fact, the average American gains  5-7 lbs. between Halloween and Valentines Day (and most don’t ever take it all off). But, there is a way to get the most out of the holidays without throwing your body under the bus!

There’s a little-known reason that people gain more weight during the holidays, and it’s NOT just being exposed to more food. 

In this special program I will teach you some very powerful concepts and strategies to break this pattern once and for all, gain control of your eating habits, and boost your metabolic power long-term. These are principles that have helped thousands of people lose weight – and gain life – without dieting or depriving themselves.

This is also information that the $60+ billion weight loss industry doesn’t share with you. (After all, they are invested in you making the same mistakes over and over, because they WANT your money in January!) But I DO want you to have this information, because I know it will not only help you enjoy more happiness and fulfillment this holiday season, it will also change your life.

How do I know? Because I have applied the principles I will teach you in my own life, and can proudly say that after years of bingeing/restricting/numbing myself through the holidays (and life in general), my last few years have been the most balanced and fulfilling ever. And I’m not alone!

“I’m enjoying food without guilt or judgement!”

I’ve noticed that I am thinking about food differently. I’m much more aware of what I am eating, and I am choosing to eat food that fuels me rather than just grabbing what’s quick and easy. Plus, I am allowing myself to choose foods that give me pleasure, and thoroughly enjoying them without guilt or judgement. As a result I am feel more in tune with my body and actually find myself eating less. I feel as though I have taken off a restrictive corset of guilt and ‘shoulds’, and I’m finally allowing myself to be amazing!

Yvette, Age 39

“I’m taking positive steps for myself with a new sense of confidence!”

My weight has been a lifelong struggle for me. One of my main challenges was beating myself up about food that I would eat, obsessively weighing myself every day, and calling myself names for not being happy with my weight. Michelle helped me to look at things that I would not normally have thought of, and gave me a whole new set of tools to use to be happier and healthier. The biggest shift for me has been realizing that I deserve to have pleasure, and that food is not my enemy. I’m giving myself permission to enjoy food and to enjoy life! I am reclaiming my power and I am no longer weighing myself every day. Instead I am listening to my body and trusting myself to choose food that makes me feel good, and I am looking at exercise as a way to feel healthy instead of a way to punish myself for the food I have consumed. I am taking positive steps for myself with a new sense of confidence, courage and commitment, and fear is losing its grip on me. Best of all my inner dialogue is shifting from self-abuse to self-love and compassion, and as a result I am more relaxed, I feel lighter, and am experiencing more gratitude than I have in a very long time!  

Kelly, age 33



Its not your fault if you’ve been trying to do everything “right” when it comes to diet and exercise, and yet you are still struggling with unwanted weight or eating habits.

You see, the REAL reason most people struggle, especially during the holiday season, has NOTHING to do with the food!

It’s NOT about forbidding or depriving yourself of the foods you truly enjoy

It’s NOT about eating less (and less, and less and less) and exercising more to force your body into a certain shape

It’s NOT about finding or adhering to the perfect diet

And it’s NOT because you are weak or lack willpower

Once I personally discovered how to work WITH my body rather than against it, how to clear my mind of toxic dietary beliefs, and once I learned how to connect with my inner nutritionist, that’s when I finally achieved a new freedom with food, AND a body that feels amazing.  And it has worked for my clients, too!

“I’m on a great new path!”

I’m feeling more energy and staying tuned in to my body, resulting in healthier choices and a greater sense of permission and satisfaction with food. The day I spent with Michelle has helped me integrate my recent cleanse and set me on a great new path. I’m also happy to report that I can now fit into 3 pairs of pants that were too small for me a year ago…and that feels really great!

Julie, age 54

“My clothes fit better and I feel lighter!”

During our VIP Day, I became aware of just how much damage my negative self-talk had done, and realized that I was free to move past silly ideas that had been put in my head as a 9 yr. old, since they weren’t even MY ideas. Now I’m letting go of old ideas, beliefs and ‘stuff’ that just don’t fit in my life. I am no longer obsessing about food, my clothes fit better, I feel lighter, and I’m enjoying meals with ALL 5 senses, and the sensuality of the food. I could go on and on, this has really been a fun and exciting journey of re-learning for me.  THANK YOU Michelle!!!

Tami, age 50


  • Before you decide to surrender to the “inevitable” holiday weight gain or lack of exercise;
  • Before you succumb to self-medicating for holiday stress with heaps of cookie dough and cabernet;
  • Before you make the agreement with yourself to spend January feeling sluggish, regretful and in damage control mode;
  • Before you do any of these things, CONSIDER THIS: 
 The most important gift you give this season may be the one you give to yourself. 

Imagine waking up in January…

  • Feeling great in your body and loving what you see in the mirror;
  • Having sailed through the season with more peace and satisfaction than ever before;
  • With room for more meaningful resolutions than working off unwanted pounds and inches;
  • With more energy and more restful sleep;
  • With more time for family, fun, hobbies and professional goals;
  • With a new relationship with food and your body to carry you into 2013 and beyond;
  • And perhaps even saying, “That muffin top was Sooooo 2012!”

You can have all of that, and it’s easier than you think.

And that’s WHY I’ve created this program… why I can’t wait to share all the goods on what it takes to eat what you like, like what you eat, and LOVE how you look and feel during the upcoming holiday season and BEYOND! No matter how long you have struggled with food or your body, these 8 weeks will truly transform YOU and your relationship with food!

And look, I know you are super busy this time of year, so I have created this program to give you maximum results with a MINIMAL time commitment. We’ll gather just once a week, and all program calls will be recorded and delivered to your email inbox so that you can listen at your convenience.

Is it really possible to eat and enjoy all the foods you love this holiday season without going overboard or gaining extra weight?

The answer is an unequivocal YES!

Please accept this invitation to join me!

“Your Season to Break Free” Coaching Program

This exclusive 8-week coaching and mentoring program includes:

  • 1 Virtual Group Mini Retreat/Kickoff in which Michelle will teach you how to engage your full metabolic capacity, cleanse your mind and body of hidden toxins, and create your Free & Easy Holiday Success Action Plan
  • 4 LIVE In-depth Content Calls where Michelle will personally mentor you on all the principles and practices needed to reclaim your power around food and your body, and to be overflowing with PLEASURE!
  • 2 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls with Michelle, giving you the opportunity to receive breakthrough coaching, get questions answered and receive a-ha’s and insights as you listen to other group members being coached
  • Downloadable Season to Break Free Workbook/E-Guide with materials and exercises to enhance your progress and deepen your learning
  • Access to the Private Season To Break Free Facebook Group for ongoing support, inspiration and sharing, and to stay connected with Michelle throughout the program.

But that’s not all!

Your program also includes these Bonuses:

  • MP3 Recordings of all calls so you can listen to them over and over for more A-ha moments!
  • Downloadable Holiday Survival E-Guide including Michelle’s best tips, tricks and strategies for staying on track with holiday eating and self-care
  • Downloadable Bonus Audio: Key Mindsets of Empowered Eaters 

And this super juicy special bonus:

  • One Private 1:1 session with Michelle that you can use anytime before January 31, 2013, to discuss your own personal challenges and help you implement all that you are learning!



Here’s what we’ll do in our time together…
Virtual Mini-Retreat/Kick-off: Metabolic Reboot & Pre-Season Detox

  • We’ll perform a dietary audit and you’ll learn quick tips you can implement right away to boost your metabolism, so that unwanted weight and eating habits start to fall away effortlessly
  • You’ll learn how to engage your full metabolic capacity for maximum calorie burning, pleasure and satisfaction
  • You’ll discover exactly what and when to feed your body for optimal metabolism
  • You’ll learn strategies to reduce cravings, overeating and weight gain
  • You’ll spot hidden metabolic stressors in your life and takes steps to release them
  • You’ll detox and cleanse your mind and body of inaccurate, limiting dietary beliefs that keep you stuck
  • You’ll create a crystal clear vision of your happy, healthy, empowered and diet-free self in the New Year, anchoring your intentions for success

Content Call #1: Creating Your Holiday Pleasure Prescription

  • You’ll learn why pleasure is ESSENTIAL to activating your full healthy metabolism
  • You’ll become clear about what holiday foods truly give you pleasure and why you like them
  • You’ll develop a plan to eat and enjoy “forbidden” foods every day, without going overboard!
  • You’ll learn strategies to release pleasure-phobia and connect with your inner nutritionist
  • You’ll learn why there is no such thing as the perfect diet, and how to stop dieting forever

Content Call #2: Identify your Holiday Eating Style

  • You’ll identify your holiday eating style & develop specific strategies to maintain your peace and balance throughout the season
  • You’ll recognize your eating triggers and learn new ways to navigate them
  • You’ll learn my quick, easy techniques to CHILL OUT and  find peace in all the craziness
  • You’ll create an action plan for enjoying holiday events, gatherings and meal preparation with ease

Content Call #3: Cultivating Body LOVE!

  • You’ll learn how to uplevel your body image and your self image so that you are more naturally drawn to choices that support your goals and leave you feeling GOOD!
  • You’ll learn a powerful way to connect with your body on a deeper level
  • You’ll discover why the only way to have the body you want long-term is through relaxing yourself into it
  • You’ll learn why numbers are meaningless (calories, dress sizes, scales) and learn to emancipate yourself once and for all from their fearful grip

Content Call #4: Anchoring Your Success

  • You’ll learn why your environment is so crucial to your success, and begin creating healthy boundaries that preserve your precious life energy
  • You’ll learn my simple strategy to say NO without guilt
  • You’ll learn powerful tools to help propel you toward your goals with ease
  • You’ll clarify your vision for 2013 and get into accountable action around turning your vision into reality!

And SO much more!!!

This program is valued at over $1800!

But here’s the thing: I know we all have added financial pressure during the holidays. I also know how important it is to you to be able to transform this struggle in your life. AND I want with all my heart for you to have the peace, happiness and pleasure you DESERVE this holiday season.

So I wanted to make this an opportunity for you to give this gift to yourself, and make it REALLY easy for you to step into.

Therefore, your stress-free investment for this program is only $397!

AND, because I believe in paying it forward, when you say YES to yourself through this program, I will donate 20% of your program investment to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts so that those in need have a better chance at a brighter holiday season as well.



What makes this program different  (dare I say better)?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

This program is unlike other weight or appetite management programs, primarily for what it’s NOT:

It’s NOT about meal plans, limited food choices or cutting out foods you love

It’s NOT about counting calories, fat grams, carbs, points, pounds or inches

It’s NOT about rules. In fact, the only rule is that there are NO RULES!

It’s NOT about stressful exercise or forcing your body into a certain shape

It’s NOT about what to eat; it’s about how to eat (when you know how to eat you’ll find you can eat anything you want!)

It’s NOT even about losing weight – it’s about GAINING LIFE!

It’s about making room for possibility, permission and pleasure. It’s about providing you with the missing link – the rest of the story around nutrition, metabolism and partnering with your body.

And, this program is about giving you a LASTING solution to your food and body challenges, and about giving you the tools to create a relationship with food that truly works for you and that is unique to you!

Plus, this program you’ll receive my love and support, and benefit from all the knowledge, wisdom and compassion I’ve accumulated through my own journey with food. AND you’ll have the support of other women in the group on a daily basis through our private Facebook Group, helping you stay inspired, uplifted and accountable to your goals.

One thing I want you to consider is exactly how much it’s costing you to stay stuck in old patterns. How much money, time and life energy have you wasted on the same old weight and appetite control strategies that don’t work! Because your health, happiness and purpose are on the line here. And I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I failed to bring this to your attention right now.

If you’ve been tolerating dieting & deprivation, rules & restriction, and punishing exercise without achieving the results you want; if you’ve been carrying extra weight, unwanted cravings or eating habits; if you’ve spent countless Januarys in a state of damage control and depression… how long are you going to wait to break this cycle?

I invite you to let me help you shift into an experience of possibility, permission and pleasure, and where you feel peaceful and powerful in relation to food, your body and your LIFE!

“I’m not letting food take over my life anymore!”

Before I started working with Michelle, I was thinking about food way too much, feeling critical of my body, and pushing myself to the point of exhaustion with exercise I didn’t really enjoy… All this effort and I wasn’t losing the weight I wanted to.

Now I’m more relaxed about food and exercise, I’m letting go of all the stress and rules, and I am aware of how to approach food. I am the one who decides, and I am not letting it take over my life anymore! Before our work together, I believed that if I wasn’t always doing something or exercising every day that I was lazy. Michelle helped me see that slowing down and taking time to nourish myself actually supports my metabolism AND gives me more peace and balance in my life. By prioritizing my wellbeing, I feel like life is lightening up, and I am lightening up! This has been a wonderful experience. I now know that I have the ability and power to make my life and my relationship with food and my body the way I want it to be. Thank you so much, Michelle, for leading me on my journey of self-discovery.  I will forever be grateful.

– JoAnn, Age 68

About Michelle Leath, FPC

Michelle is a coach, mentor, speaker and writer, and the founder of She works with women who are fed up with dieting and depriving themselves, and helps them find freedom from unwanted weight and food habits, so they can become the women they were truly meant to be. Having transformed her own relationship with food after a 2-decade struggle, Michelle is passionate about sharing the principles that changed her life with other women, so that they can enjoy a life filled with possibility, permission and pleasure.

Michelle is a Certified Food Psychology Coach, having received specialized training in the fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition. She is graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program); has a degree in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara; and has helped women to connect with their potential in various ways for over 20 years. 

Yes, Michelle! Count me in to learn how to break free of overeating, have a rockin’ holiday season, and create a lifelong releationship with food and my body that truly nourishes me!

Season to Break Free Program Dates:

  1. November 19, Virtual Mini-Retreat/Kick-Off,  1–4pm Pacific
  2. November 27, Content Call #1, 1pm Pacific
  3. December 4, Content Call #2, 1pm Pacific
  4. December 11, Q&A Coaching Call #1, 11am Pacific
  5. December 18, Content Call #3, 1pm Pacific
  6. December 27, Content Call #4, 1pm Pacific
  7. January 3, Q&A Coaching Call #2, 11am Pacific
  8. January 8, Completion & Celebration Call, 1pm Pacific
When I enroll in this one-of-a-kind 8-week coaching program, I will receive:
  • 1 Virtual Mini-Intensive (3 hours)
  • 4 Content Calls (1 hour each)
  • 2 Open Coaching/Q&A Calls
  • 1 Celebration/Completion & Next Steps Call
  • Workbook/E-Guide
  • Private Facebook Group for daily support and inspiration 
Plus these special bonuses:
  • MP3 files of all calls so you can listen and relisten at your convenience
  • Holiday Survival Guide, including Michelle’s best personal practices, tips and tricks
  • Key Mindsets of Empowered Eaters Audio Download
  • One PRIVATE SESSION with Michelle to be used by January 31, 2013
No Risk!

I understand that the Season To Break Free Program comes with Michelle’s personal guarantee. If by the END of the SECOND call of this program, having completed all my assignments, I am not 100% delighted with the information provided, I will let you know and you will refund my investment and remove me from the program.


*20% of your program investment will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts!

Have questions or need some support with your decision? Email us at and well be happy to set up a brief conversation with you!


*20% of your program investment will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts!