Calling All Women Who Worry:

What's Eating At You? The Connection Between Worry & Weight, and How to Release Them Both Once and For All!

With Michelle Leath and author Denise Marek

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I am so delighted to welcome Denise Marek — “worry management expert,” international keynote speaker, host of the TV show Life By Design, and author of CALM: A Proven 4-step Process for Women Who Worry — for this powerful and inspirational call! Please join Denise and me on April 17 as we jam on worry, food and weight, and show you what it takes to transform worry into inner peace and freedom! On this powerful call you’ll discover:

  • The profound link between worry and your waistline, and what you can do about it
  • The 3 Biggest Worry Traps women fall into around food and weight and how to avoid them
  • The 4 Step Process to letting go of worry once and for all, and all the benefits that come with that!
  • HOW to let go of worry and bust through limiting beliefs – specifically around food, weight and your body!
  • One of the most powerful affirmations I have ever heard to help you create a fulfilling life (seriously!)
  • Plus, these strategies will help you transform worry in any area of your life!

Imagine being able to wake up and go about your day feeling peaceful & confident; being able to eat and enjoy foods you love and feel great in your body, having relationships and work that deeply fulfills you, and going to bed at night content, satisfied and relaxed.

Sound too good to be true? Well, all of this is actually possible for you when you learn how to break the cycle of chronic worry. Talk about unlocking your possibilities!

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About Michelle: A dynamic speaker, life coach and Certified Food Psychology Coach, Michelle shows women how to release unwanted weight and eating habits, break free of dieting & and deprivation, and build a relationship with food and their bodies that truly nourishes and supports them in creating a life of possibility, pleasure and purpose.